What’s On

GCT Tea, Cake &Annual General Meeting

Sunday 19th November at 4.15pm

Come and join us for tea and cake and help us to plan for our future – where do we go? What do we do next? When do we do whatever we are going to do?   The AGM is officially the most important event in the year. It is always very short (usually about 30 minutes) and afterwards we get onto the meaty subject of what we do next and assorted plans for the future. Linked to this, of course, is our need to fundraise if we are to continue staging exciting and innovative productions.  As you know, we don’t charge a membership fee so that anyone who wants to is able to be a part of GCT. But to stage the type of theatre we put on, we cannot cover our costs through ticket and advertising sales alone. So, we seriously need ideas from everyone as to how we can raise the money to continue our amazing productions in the same way.

Hope to see you there.

Download our  annual accounts 2016-17