About Us

Started in 1999 as an initiative of the Parish of Merstham, Gatton Community Theatre was formed to stage a passion play to celebrate the new millennium bringing the story of Jesus, from his baptism to resurrection, to a wide audience in an exciting and different way.  The Christian principles of forgiveness and love or the promotion of a strong moral or spiritual theme  remain key objectives and at the heart of our productions.  Though now an independent registered charity, GCT continues to maintain strong links with the Merstham & Gatton Team Ministry.

GCT operates a policy of inclusiveness; anyone of any age, experience and ability may take part with young people playing a vital part in productions.  Participation in our drama projects is open to all wherever they may live. There is no charge of any kind for membership nor a production fee.

In the twenty plus years of GCT’s existence the company has staged both large scale open air promenade and site specific productions as well as theatre events for young children.

GCT is keen to help raise awareness among participants and audiences of the environment of Gatton Park and its place in local history, working closely with The Gatton Trust on a number of different projects. GCT’s use of the site enables large numbers of people to visit Gatton Park who may otherwise have been unaware of its existence and stunning restoration, which is carried out by volunteers.


Visit the  Gatton Trust website to find out more about Gatton Park open days, special events  and activities for adults, children and families.

Gatton Park

It is the policy of Gatton Community Theatre to safeguard the welfare of all young and vulnerable people with which it works by protecting them from neglect and physical, sexual and emotional harm. Our Safeguarding Policy and procedures are reviewed by the trustees annually.