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Thoughts on The Passion by Libby Egwuba

Well it wasn’t to be – last year or this year!

Last year (2020) was our 20th Anniversary, and in celebration of that fact we planned to stage The Passion, written by Anna Thompson, directed by Libby Egwuba and attended by 100’s of enthusiastic supporting public … but oh no … wait. That’s what we should have done, but because of covid we had to postpone.

So we changed plans to stage The Passion this year, the one written by Anna Thompson which Libby Egwuba was all set to direct, but unsurprisingly we decided that given the current situation we couldn’t go ahead this year either.  We would have had to start rehearsing around the end of March, and we couldn’t meet outside until the 29th and  even then only six at a time. To rehearse Jesus and the 12 disciples already makes for a challenge – and he definitely had 12!  So we decided with a revised ‘freedom day’ of July it was just not possible to rehearse and stage this and manage the audiences as we would have liked.

So …  Let’s do The Passion next year, and let’s do it well, and be free from restrictions. And let many people come and see us with covid behind them and a bright future ahead of us all.  That way we can all have fun, concentrate on the production and give our best!

GCT, we have learnt and are still learning patience, but when we come out the other side we will be massively rewarded and we really will have the best of fun and SHINE!


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